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Digitally Awesome. Multifaceted Designer. Experimental Designer.

I am a tech savvy graphic designer that specializes in print/digital design, logo design, illustration, branding, and identities. My passion for design started from my background in the visual arts. Learning key skills and concepts such as composition and colors helped me in my journey learning and creating savory design pieces. My professional experience spans over 5 years that includes freelancing and working for a graphic and production company in the downtown New Orleans area. I recently took an interest and started learning web development, data analysis, and UX/UI design.

I hail from the West Coast, moved to different places, and ended up settling in The South at a young age. I met people from all types of different backgrounds and experienced different cultures. I am currently staying in the New Orleans area soaking up everything it can give me. Other than my love for design, I love to travel and take pictures. You can say I am a digital nomad of the sorts and a hobby photographer.