Brittany Ranson

Graphic Designer

Hello! I am a graphic designer with a visual and digital art background. I specialize in branding, identity, print/digital design, and illustration. Taking the concepts and principles from my art background, I incorporated them with my graphic design knowledge. Applying the same theories to design helps me create unique designs that is specific to your needs.

Within the past few years I took an interest in photography – from taking pictures and editing them. You can catch me with my camera around New Orleans and other cities on my travels taking pictures. Working with photographers I was able to learn about photo-editing techniques. I even learned how to restore old photographs and high-end photo editing. All that taught me patience that I didn’t know I had.

Over the past year, I developed an interest in computer science. I dove into web development wanting to become a full stack developer and have that knowledge under my belt. Then I learned about AI and analyzing data. This lead to my curiousity in machine learning and data analysis. I thought photo-editing taught me patience, but this took patience to a whole other level. And I love every minute of it.

You can catch me on Twitter and Instagram babbling what is on my mind and my interests and showing off my work on Behance.