Grizzly City Grub

by brittanyranson
October 6, 2016
The Challenge

Create an urban-like badge logo from the concept given by the client. Logo had to be based on the city Fresno with specific colors in mind.

Client provided a quick sketch concept of what he wanted his logo to look like for his new food truck business.

The problem?
I had to decipher the concept into what he really needed, design elements that can be kept and ones that can be discarded, typeface to be chosen, and color swatches to choose from.


The Process Break Down

The logo is designed to be badge-styled. In the center of the logo is the city of Fresno, California in the background. Then there is the cartoon illustration of a grizzly bear wearing urban gear (sweater). On top of those elements, there is the ribbon that has the name of the business, Grizzly City Grubs.




Grizzly City Grub


Logo Design


August, 2019


The colors client wanted in the logo were red, blue, and black. Gold would be an accent color in the branding. The colors cooked up in the design lab was Hot Pepper Red, Pale Blueberry Blue, Black Licorice, and Fools Gold. Each has good contrast and compliment each other for the urban-like feel that the client was going for.

Typography Choice!

A simple font choice that is easy to read was chosen to complement the somewhat business of the design. The Proxima Nova Condensed font family was chosen. With its different weights and easy to read characteristics, it was perfect for the logo.


Hot Pepper Red

Black Licorice

Fools Gold

Pale Blueberry Blue


Proxima Nova Condensed Family

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