Into The Woods

by brittanyranson
October 26, 2016

Complete Outdoor Experience With Friends

Into The Woods was created by a group of friends that shared the love of the outdoors. Taking a break from the robust busy world of the city and urban jungle. Wanting to share this experience with others, Into the Woods was made. Sharing this experience of shedding the stresses of normal life for the tranquility of the outdoors with newbies and the experience alike.

The focus of these excursions is to get away from your normal day-to-day life. Putting down the electronic devices and actually interacting and communicating with the individuals around you. Getting some fresh air, relaxing, and interacting with nature for its beauty that we overlook. When you come back, you are renewed.


No work

No social media

Just getting away from day-to-day stresses


Developing personal relationships

Communication and interaction with the people around you


Experiencing nature

The Experience

Becoming anew


Design To Match The Outdoors

The concept behind the logo is to be rugged but playful.

Instant thought that came to mind, SCOUTS. Simple, playful in the great outdoors.

The design is based on a patch concept where there are symbols that represents different aspects of camping. You have the camp fire, map, tent, and mountain symbols. Not to be detailed, they were made using just lines. The logo has a distressed texture on it so it will have that rugged look. The colors chosen were deep earth tone colors – brown, dark green, pale red.

To keep with the look of a rugged nature theme, the logo is only used on natural looking materials with nature like colors.

Into The Woods logo comes with two different looks – the distressed look version and a non-distressed version.
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