Nurturance Aromatics

by brittanyranson
October 26, 2016

Simple, Unique Temp Logo Design For A Local Health and Beauty Brand

Nurturance Aromatics is a local beauty/health brand here in New Orleans. They needed a temporary logo for their business until they finalized their identity and branding.

The concept for the logo was to be simple and represent their organic products. I decided to go with a wordmark style logo.

A wordmark kept the logo simple and easy to read. With a few customizations, the logo can be made to look organic-based.

By having the logo with round features, it kept the logo looking soft with an organic feel. Then by replacing the dot of the “i” with a leaf helped finalize it.

Check out my Instagram to see what the secondary option they wanted to concept out.




Temporary Logo


Nurturance Aromatics


July 2019

Brittany brranson Ranson Nurturance Aromatics logo mockup
Nurturance Cosmetics Jars Mockup
Nurturance Cosmetics Packaging Set Mockup
Nurturance Business Card Mockup
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