Space String

by brittanyranson
October 26, 2016

Space String is an online e-commerce shop

The concept of the logo is based on an outer space theme – specifically string theory. After researching what string theory is, the design of the of the logo was to represent it in a basic manner (let’s face it, string theory can be very complexed). The name of the online shop was made with a futuristic type font while the top part was created with custom planet icons and a string connecting them.

side note: do you want to know what string theory is? It is a theory that unifies the four forces of the earth together by connecting them with strings. That is the best way I can explain it to you in one sentence.

The client wanted to have two main colors – dark grey and dark blue. Outer space is mostly dark, so the client wanted to stick with a dark color scheme. Not only does space consists of dark colors, but there are vibrant colors as well that the client wanted to showcase.

The secondary colors that was chosen were light blue, green, red, and orange. These colors are used for the planet icons and accent colors.

planets, planets, and a moon

The logo originally consisted of four planets, but one was changed to be the moon.

chosen planet icons: Moon, Earth, Mars, and Saturn

Now, planets have different colors and textures. I needed to represent them as simple as possible. I chose to do minimalistic line icons of the planets. To tell them apart in the colored version of the logo each planet had its own color that best represent the planet chosen based on the color scheme.

Earth – green
Moon – blue
Mars – different shades of oranges upon requests
Saturn – red

Simplistic. Minimal.